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HYDROGEN Methanol fuel cell + HD module by Blue World
Methanol fuel cells - a green alternative


  • CO2 REDUCTION – Due to the high electrical efficiency of the Blue World Technologies’ fuel cells they provide a significant CO2 reduction, and if the fuel cell is running on methanol based on renewable sources, the operation is CO2 neutral in a well-to-wheel perspective.
  • COST SAVINGS – With a high fuel conversion and a low maintenance requirement, the methanol fuel cell provides cost savings.
  • ZERO HARMFUL EMISSION – Blue World Technologies’ methanol fuel cell has zero NOx, SOx, or particle emission providing a clean operation.



  • Blue World Technologies 8.500 m2 production building where they are currently in the process of installing production equipment for one of the largest methanol fuel cell factories in the world.
  • Through industrialisation Blue World Technologies seek to commercialise the high-temperature PEM (HT PEM) fuel cell technology.
  • All key components for the fuel cell stack are developed and manufactured inhouse at Blue World Technologies fuel cell factory.
  • The fuel cell solutions can be used in a wide variety of industries, e.g. as a green alternative to diesel generators with a power output of 5 to 15 kW to auxiliary power for the maritime sector in the MW range.
  • The HT PEM fuel cell operates at around 160 °C and has a high conversion efficiency og 40-50% electric.


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